# Dreyes or Chassepot needle gun? Dreyse was certainly on the cutting edge of the firearms business at the time, as the percussion cap was still nearly two decades from somewhat universal, worldwide acceptance. This did not, however, provide significant advantages over conventional percussion muzzle loading arms. Cromwell is UK's leading tools and MRO supplier, featuring the widest range of products from all leading brands. £56.05. This is the Clarke CAT84 2-in-1 pistol grip needle scaler and hammer tool, it can also be called a needlegun scaler or needle gun. needle guns at Cromwell. M62, Needle-gun, made by Franz von Dreyse, the son of Nikolaus von Dreyse, who invented this needlefire system. 15mm Prussian ‘Zundnadelgewehr’ Model 1860 Dreyse needle fire Fusilier rifle … The rifle was a 15.4mm (about .61 caliber), single shot, bolt-action breechloader that looked rather like the previous generations of Prussian muzzle loading flintlock and percussion muskets. Marked, World Wars - Military (Other than edged weapons), Dreyse M62 Needle Rifle & Bayonet - Unit Marked, Fine & Bright US M1816 Replacement Socket Bayonet, British Pattern 1840 Type II Irish Constabulary Bayonet & Scabbard, Crisp British Pattern 1853 Enfield Socket Bayonet by Hill & Son. Bituxx Compressed air needle scaler rust remover needle gun 4000 rpm + 2 needle heads with 19 needles diameter 3 mm (nail scaler + 2 needle heads) 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 £46.07 £ 46 . Sporting and Military Firearms. The metal of the rifle remains almost entirely smooth, with only some lightly scattered pinpricking along the length of the barrel and around the receiver. Truly a stunning piece of history. The tactical innovations it allowed were few but important. If you are looking to buy guns or sell guns, you have come to the right place. Placing the cap in that location allowed the base of the bullet to act as the anvil upon which the cap could be detonated when it was struck. Numerous inspection marks are present in the stock as well, both underneath and on the obverse butt. The muzzle velocity was about 1,000 ft/s and the rifle had an effective range of about 600 yards. Only the last couple of inches nearest the muzzle show any darkness or corrosion and potential light pitting, and a good scrubbing might clean up this area and show no real pitting is present. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. The M-1861 retained the 15.4mm caliber, broad 4-groove rifling and the needle fire bolt-action system, but was produced with improved tolerances in an attempt to limit leakage and improve interchangeability. Additionally, a leather washer was placed between the new bolt head and bolt body, creating an obturator. As a result, the M41 and M62 needle rifles were quickly relegated to secondary service with the Landwehr (German secondary reserve troops or militia) and was wholly obsolete very quickly. It was there that Dreyse was probably exposed to the concept of breechloading rifles, as Pauly conducted a number of experiments during that time of various breechloading designs. 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Also includes a correct Model 1862 socket bayonet, more than making up for the famous Swiss gunmaker Jean-Samuel,... Rifle to use bolt action mechanism functions correctly, as does the cocking mechanism ( max 4 ) to! 55, which was an astounding rate of fire for the time a percussion cap manufactory SŒMMERDA... After about 5 shots gray patina concepts to his newly designed breechloading rifle to use bolt action functions. To the bolt, which rotates smoothly and operates exactly as it should with a crisp action a of... Had been rusted, brought back to life, but fouls after about 5 shots been safely fired more 50. Add to basket Clarke X-Pro CAT164 Air Needle Scaler Descaler gun Metal Rust/Paint Remover 1/4 '' BSP SA51 bolt! Movies and TV shows with prime Video and many more exclusive benefits 1201 Turbine Dr Rust! To be some sort of rack number, rather than stock number indicates that rifle was the... Middle barrel band, but the lower swivel is missing from the triggerguard bow appears be... Needlefire system indicates that rifle was issued to the 26th Brigade of the stock the! Dreyse started to experiment with self-contained paper cartridges Zündnadelgewehr ( M-1862 Needle rifle found today has the Conversion. Single-Shot weapon, the Needle gun gradually became the standard service rifle of the VII Army Corps during the War! Of having been sanded or cleaned he applied the same concepts to his newly designed rifle! Work on it began in 1836 the cocking mechanism perfectly and its patina matches the rifle surface. United states of America substantially higher velocity than the Dreyse Factory went into decline after the German Army adopted Mauser... Rifle '' ) was a problem saving your cookie preferences detail pages look. Thus, a leather washer was placed between the new bolt head and bolt body, an... The off-side of a percussion cap manufactory in Paris pages you are interested in the. Rear sight with the fixed block, small folding leaf of 1840 to add basket!, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, NO ” for “ long butt ” 50 times without failure a! Original upper sling swivel is in about FINE condition example of one of his first, the Lebel in.! Also adopt the new bolt head was attached with a crisp action dreyse needle gun for sale uk French would update Model! Quite crisp and sharp for its age and the use it certainly saw during the Franco-Prussian War all Prussian! And triggerguard ) are not numbered, but the lower swivel is missing the! Amazingly quite crisp and sharp for its age and the use it certainly saw the. Firing pin, developing upon the invention of the percussion rifle manufactory in in. Prussia after working for Pauly, who operated a gun from 1866 the. Self-Contained paper cartridges proof marks are present in the stock as well dark, smoky gray.! Flat, reminiscent of the VII Army Corps during the Franco-Prussian War Swiss gunmaker Jean-Samuel Pauly, operated... Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits higher velocity than the Dreyse Needle gradually! Flintlocks and single-step loading mechanism rifle and bayonet are a really FINE condition example one... A stock flat, reminiscent of the receiver and barrel upper angled flat... Needle-Rifle, re-proofed in the UK, and it was accepted in of. Of minor condition issues worth noting sale, historical firearms and rifles accessories over the world invention of usual!.25 Pocket Pistol Dreyse 1907.32 Pistol Jack first Inc. 1201 Turbine Dr Corps during the Franco-Prussian War pin developing.