Your Mac obviously needs to be running macOS Catalina, and your iPad also ... iPad mini 4, and iPad Air 2 are not compatible with Sidecar. The AirPlay icon will turn into an iPad icon while Sidecar is in use.
Solutions iPhone doesn’t Show Up in finder Catalina on iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini. How to use Sidecar and enable it on incompatible Macs in Catalina By Andrew Myrick 63 comments Last updated March 14, 2020 It seems that Apple is finally taking the iPad … The iPad Pro 11 inches is not showing on the sidecar pref panel. ; Hard Reboot your iPhone and iPad and Try Again. As per reports, the problem occurs during both wireless and wired connections. The MacBook sees the iPad Pro, but can't connect to it. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sidecar. On my 2017 12" MacBook, I can't get Sidecar working at all with my 10.5" iPad Pro. Connect your devices using your mac’s System Preferences Turn on your Mac, then your iPad Open System Preferences and click on Sidecar Select your iPad from the Connect to the drop-down menu Wait for your Mac screen to become visible on your iPad Make sure that your iPad and your Mac devices are compatible with the Sidebar feature.

Please try the tips above. Sidecar works with Apple devices that are authenticated with the same Apple ID. None work.

not urgent but kind of wanna see what's going on. You should wait more compare to the previous time Because MacOS Catalina is Freezing in Finder, So your iPhone or iPad not showing on your Mac Screen, Because Apple testing few settings or Features until public release. Simply pull down from No Sidecar in System Preference There are several factors that matter when trying to use Sidecar however your iPad may not necessarily be one of them. Description Since a Catalina issue has been brought up, I'll just bring this up too. When upgrading to Catalina (MacBook Pro 2018 with touch pad) and using IPad 5th generation running iPadOS 13.1.2 I don't have any options to connect two devices for SideCar. Show Touch Bar: Show the Touch Bar on the bottom or top of your iPad screen, or turn it off. It says it times out.

Show Sidebar: Show the sidebar on the left or right side of your iPad screen, or turn it off. Public Beta 1 of Catalina and iPadOS respectively. I've tried WiFi, Bluetooth, and wired. iPad does not show up in the ‌AirPlay‌ list or there is no Sidecar setting. As per reports, the problem occurs during both wireless and wired connections. These preferences are available only on computers that support Sidecar. The device Timed Out. Question: Q: Sidecar with iPad 5th generation not supported I don't know why but it seems some of the iPads are not supported. Sidecar should appear in System Preferences however, if there’s no Sidecar in System Preferences, there may be a reason why, and a way to force it to appear. Select the AirPlay menu item in the menu bar, then select iPad. Connect from AirPlay menu Connecting with Sidecar is the same as connecting any external display. Unfortunately, while Apple still offers macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13 for a lot of older devices, you’ll need a more recent model in order to support Sidecar. For some users, the iPad is not showing up in Sidecar. See the list above.

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