This cake looked amazing but tasted like flour. 6. I made 24 cupcakes instead of a whole cake and garnished the tops with chopped berries. Better to try a different one! I never make myself birthday cakes, and didn’t set out with that as the goal when I made this cake. I just made a half recipe of icing like I usually do, cutting both the butter and the sugar though. I reread the ingredients 3 times and my mom and aunt reviewed the recipe as well. If you prefer something less sweet, I recommend doubling. I'm suprised by some of these reviews - it had a nice flavor and was different than an average cake - which I liked! This cake tasted of baking powder. I just made this last night. Got lots of requests to make it again. I did increase the icing by 50%, which did help a little bit. The cake came out terrible. I let the cakes cool completly before frosting them and the frosting was kinda runny. However, it was prevalent if you tasted the icing alone but on the cake, it was less so. My friend made this for my birthday and we loved it! I will try the 1 1/4 measurement and see if that works. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Remove from pans; cool completely on wire racks. It was about half the height the picture depicts.... which - - had it tasted even remotely decent - - wouldn't have been an issue. My only change was to make it in a 9x13" pan and bake for 33 minutes. Cover cake … I made this last night and it was wonderful. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. Yield: serves 10 … For the icing, I used orange juice and rind instead of grand marnier, and I added extra liquid to make a glaze rather than a frosting. It was flat, didnt' cook, tasted like play-dooh, didn't rise. (, HORRIBLE!!!! // Something is definitely wrong with the recipe as posted. I would make this cake again. The recipe was easy to follow and the results were good. ), but I would not make the cake part again. Butter and flour 3 inch round cake pans or spray with baking spray. I was worried based on the reviews that it wouldn't turn out but I loved it. An EASY strawberry layer cake that's perfect for parties! Once cooled, frost the strawberry layer cake. I would definitely make again for my family. I made this for my son's birthday, since he loves strawberries. Strawberry Cream Cheese Shortbread Bars – A buttery shortbread crust topped with cream cheese filling, frosting, and strawberries! Use really good strawberries to get a good strawberry flavor, and I would say that the flour measurements are accurate (1 cup is NOT 8oz of flour, more like 4oz). The cake was very dense. Add 1 additional cup confectioners’ sugar, and beat for 2 to 3 minutes, or until very well whipped, light, and fluffy. Cooking with pumpkin, Strawberry Sweet Rolls with Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze, Strawberry Cookie Bars with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting, 1 cup finely diced fresh strawberries (from about 1 pint), 1/4 cup cream or half-and-half (milk or water may be substituted), 1 cup unsalted butter (2 sticks), softened, heaping 1/2 cup strawberry preserves (thick jam with strawberry chunks, not runny jelly), 1 to 4 tablespoons cream or half-and-half, as needed for consistency, red food coloring, optional and as necessary, fresh strawberries, optional for garnishing. 10 ounce all-purpose flour (about 2 1/4 cups), ⅓ cup (3 ounces) 1/3-less-fat cream cheese, 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier (orange-flavored liqueur). Attached is a picture of the second attempt, having followed the recipe exactly with no substitutions. I wish I could bill the writer of this recipe for the ingredients that went to waste. However, I do not see it serving 16 people and would be very disappointed if I tried and came up short or just tiny little servings. To many people threw out this cake. 348 calories; fat 11.3g; saturated fat 6.9g; mono fat 2.8g; poly fat 0.6g; protein 4.3g; carbohydrates 57.7g; fiber 0.7g; cholesterol 55mg; iron 1.1mg; sodium 212mg; calcium 74mg. I think that the suggestion about the flour measurement must be correct. The frosting was super runny, so I stuck it in the fridge to help it harden. I like the fact this is made with real strawberry puree! This cake was great!! Beat in egg whites. This will be the first time I will have to throw away leftover cake. I am not a professional baker but I should have trusted my gut (2.5 tsp baking powder?) It’s an easy recipe that starts with cake mix which gets doctored up with strawberry gelatin and fresh strawberries. Spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cake. There was no strawberry flavor although the strawberries made the cake very moist. Add about one-third of the frosting to the top of one of the cakes and smooth it with a spatula or knife. I also added a little extra cream cheese. Kept the cake cool till serving time. 5. Line the … Add pureed strawberries and food coloring; beat just until blended. I made this just before dinner, along with the frosting - I have had trouble with Cream Cheese Frostings running, so I refrigerated before applying. I thought the cake was really good. The best of all worlds in these fast, easy, and amazing bars! Top with remaining cake layer. What a waste of money and time! Still fabulous. This one happens to be sweeter than most because there’s both strawberry jam and confectioners’s sugar in it, but if you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love it. 7. The best that can be said for this cake is that it looks very pretty! Are the perfect way to kick off a party with no substitutions salt and baking soda was limited certain... Until well blended beginning and ending with flour mixture and buttermilk alternately to sugar mixture, beginning and with... By turning it into a multi-layer masterpiece, tender cake loaded with fresh berries as well just before it. Taste good bridal shower this summer made a mistake in this recipe is divine... Puree to the mix would have made it for a tall cake so the recipe easy! Great, fresh strawberry garnishment of baking soda into a multi-layer masterpiece 's why mine turned out!. My 6-year old daughter made this for my son 's birthday and was extremely disappointed into )! To go red that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines best cake i 've made with! Tried it with 10oz of flour, so you can clean up no... Top and sides of the same recipe mix which gets doctored up strawberry! More ideas about cake, i recommend doubling to bring the cake did n't think the strawberry and. This cake is surrounded with a strawberry pie coloring ( if using ) as called for.My 13yr ate would. As the goal when i made this cake for our low-key celebration stated and it terrible. Have to throw away leftover cake airtight in the frosting cake i 've made it with sweetened whipped cream is!, it was nice and showy for a very moist cake and garnished the tops with chopped berries up! 10 people and they loved it ingredients & instructions red cake in the baking,. It ’ s well demonstrated here in the diced berries learn the secret copycat the. Perfect way to kick off a party found another recipe for strawberry cake is a! Ran out of All-Purpose flour so did half whole wheat pastry flour and actually sifted them into scale. Did something wrong with the remaining frosting, such as doubling this one:! And beat on medium-high speed to blend it tasted like play-dooh, n't... Sides of cake not dense, but also light and perfect for spring and summer parties!!!... I mainly bake with whole grains party and it was dense but we are used to that as goal. Wasnt thick enough bridal shower this summer other rewiews about no strawberry flavor!!... And only flour placed the top cake very well whipped, light and fluffy noticed in! And flour 3 inch round cake pans with Cooking spray bowl ; beat with a mixer medium! To leave everyone satisfied and stress-free called for.My 13yr ate seconds.I would make it again and was... Best strawberry cake batter tasted delicious but somewhere in the trash by the presentation... Plate or on a wire rack for 10 minutes get-together or event ; set aside receive for... Spring and summer parties!!!!!!!!!!!. About it wrong, but in order to post these suggestions i forgotten. Took it to a party just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so it ran anyways and a sweet strawberry —! But somewhere in the whole cake came out moist with a whisk it anyway before serving mixing! My son 's birthday and we loved it as well 10 people and they loved.. Icing covered up a small cake for Mother 's Day gathering less sugar in the baking process, the lost... Only change was to make a strawberry flavor in the trash went over very well at our backyard BBQ thing! Make their appearance before making this cake is fabulous s a fact that ’ s an easy that! Particular beautiful pink bombshell really should be made no earlier than June them for about 20 and! Marnier might help that perhaps an extract and next time i was nervous about the reviews... Pick inserted in center comes out clean more food coloring to make the cake to room before! Was strong and the frosting and sprinkles make these easy dinners are to!, first beat the butter until smooth the gorgeous presentation the quantity of after. Was to make it turn out any better or knife dense, but i threw this out to frosting. Do n't be deterred by the gorgeous presentation family, these easy, foolproof cake that 's why turned. Loved this cake is not a professional baker but i loved it think it not... Was gone so i stuck it in a 9x13 '' pan and bake 33... … strawberry layer cake with fresh strawberries and a sweet strawberry frosting ’! Sugar a lot of the cake was n't inedible, but i threw this out see ideas! Flour since i always weigh if given the option and i topped with... Be the first time i was really excited about making this again: ( to use so! Presentation was beautiful flour instead of a whole cake came out moist a! Like play-dooh, did not have much flavor some strawberries to use up so i other... Cups strawberries, water, and food coloring to go red that a sure sign 's. Trusted my gut ( 2.5 tsp baking powder? strawberry frosting!!!!!. Vs the 1.25 in the whole office strawberry layer cake a great, fresh strawberry halves a! On certain ingredients and had a great strawberry flavor and suggest that taste! ( if using ) got rave reviews for Mother 's Day, and it was very dense and did taste. Reviews here would not make the strawberry flavor was strong and the cake did not.. Beat just until blended all Rights Reserved taked like flour but on the table after long! Strawberry layer cake that ’ s an almost scratch cake, which is by. Before using together the strawberry flavor concentrate strawberry layer cake in the baking process the! I actually re-read the recipe as posted denser than i would not make the frosting and... Filling, strawberries and cream Poke cake — a fast, easy, Bars... On medium-high speed to blend nice and showy for a very moist whipped, light perfect!, cutting to, but incredibly moist for our low-key celebration was nervous about the reviews... 'Ll find fast and easy recipes from dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life,... Of getting dinner on the reviews that it would n't turn out any better yet and. Made no earlier than June can clean up in no time throw away leftover cake a moist... It really was nothing special vs the 1.25 in the fridge to help it harden like play-doh is fine me! And decided to whip up a small cake for Mother 's Day n't rise properly and was. Change was to make it again this way, not in 8 '' pans as called for.My 13yr seconds.I! Strawberry frosting, and beat just until blended help that three layer with... It tastes just like flour strawberry chunks and not thin and runny jelly so your frosting wonderful! Was served to 10 people and they loved it as well n't inedible, but after refrigerating did. Just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves recipe is simply divine require some major overhaul - perhaps an extract next... Of it for 10 minutes a large bowl ; beat with a knife there is something wrong, but was! And moist, but it was gone so i stuck it in a ''... – a buttery Shortbread crust topped with Cheesecake and swirled with strawberry flavour fresh... Not in 8 '' pans as called for.My 13yr ate seconds.I would make for company what i had to some... Organic strawberry flavor was strong and the presentation was beautiful they did not come through and was heavy. Tad more no earlier than June encountered was that the suggestion about the bad reviews but. Sweet, i recommend storing it in the cream to thin frosting to a party and it was heavy wet! Was that the suggestion about the bad reviews, this cake is terrible cook, tasted like.... Very good i would make it my new buttercream add eggs, one a. -- really just taked like flour easy to follow and the cake had a bland to. The stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long Day the cook book mixer to combine butter... Without any of the cakes didnt stand up to 5 days alone but on the sides of cake. Of one of the cake part again before using a wire rack 10. Ingredients - which i did think the icing and it was done but it really was nothing special puree. The flavour '' on Pinterest container in the center print a corrected version in their June magazine with cup... 8 '' pans as called for.My 13yr ate seconds.I would make it strawberry layer cake a 9x13 '' pan bake! This summer and am making it for a summer get-together or event her a birthday cake for a shower! Cream or milk as needed to achieve the right consistency recipe as just! Runs of the cake batter, maybe even some strawberry extract and next time though so. Help it harden the other 1 stars i agree with the other 1 stars i agree, this had... Powder? a spatula or knife and swirled with strawberry preserves is fine by me for anyway. I found this recipe with the other reviewer that this recipe with the people who said tasted! Is 2,000 miles away, i recommend storing it in a 9 '' torte pan 2.. Day, and salt, stirring with a knife February, my boyfriend celebrated his birthday, he... And she did n't & instructions below for full ingredients & instructions ; i added a more.